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Finnish, Slovenian Ministers Exchange Experience in Forestry



Finland is the most forest-dense country in Europe, with woods taking up 75% of its surface. In Slovenia, forests account for 63% of the territory and the countries have similar interests in this sector, Židan told the press after the visit to Lipica.

"We talked about the existing challenges, some of them are linked to climate change...others to the common EU strategy, forestry on which the European Commission has drafted a document which will now be discussed for six months by committees within the Commission," said Židan.

The Finnish minister presented to Židan the country's system of forestry concessions. In Finland, 28% of forest is state owned, while in Slovenia 20% is state owned.

"A serious discussion is taking place in Slovenia about which concession model to choose for the future. Finland has much experience in this field and....we will use it in our discussions," said Židan.

Koskinen told the press that the talks with Židan focused on ways to create fruitful cooperation in this field. The Finnish minister also attended a meeting of Slovenian minister's forest advisory group.


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