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Opposition Fears Real Estate Tax Will Ruin Slovenian Agriculture


The SDS's Robert Horvat told the press as the bill proposal is still be coordinated that taxation could undermine farming and lead to a further drop in self-sufficiency.

He argued that Agriculture and Environment Minister Dejan Židan had recently also realised this, saying he saw no need to tax agricultural and forest land and farm buildings that are being used.

"Farm land used by farmers to produce food must not and never has been the subject of fiscal solutions for the state," Horvat added.

He said that the value of the buildings build by people alone in the previous century no longer reflects their true income situation and that the bill does not include any social categories.

The ruling coalition discussed the bill again today after its adoption was put off by the government last week, it is however not clear if any changes have been made.

Another meeting of the Finance Ministry with farmers' representatives is said to be planned for this week, while the bill's adoption by the government is expected on Thursday.


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