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Firefox Most Popular Browser in Slovenia


Chrome started the year 13 percentage points behind Internet Explorer and overtook it at its peak popularity of 31.28% in July.

Among operating systems, Microsoft Windows still dominates in Slovenia, as it was used by 96.8% of the visitors of Slovenian online media in September.

Windows 7 had the highest share with 57.35%, while Windows XP was used by 30.56% of the users and Windows 8 by only 5.09%.

According to Iprom's analysis, 46% of users were logged into their Facebook accounts while browsing the online media, indicating high integration of the social network in the everyday internet use of Slovenians.

Popularity is also increasing for mobile devices, which accounted for 17% of the access to Slovenian online media.

Android smartphones were used in 63% of the cases and Android tablets in 13%, while Apple's iOS took a 8.5% market share and the Windows Phone operating system had a 2.4% share.

Only 4.5% of the phones used to access the Slovenian online media are not categorised as smartphones.

Among tablet operating systems, the race between Apple and Google is much tighter, as the Android operating system was used on 51% of the devices and iOS on 49%.

The analysis was conducted on a sample of 1.5bn requests with the Iprom AD Server application, used for distribution, targeting and following ads on the internet.


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