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Slovenians Lag Behind EU Average in Online Shopping


Only around half of internet users in Slovenia have shopped online, according to data from the EU's statistics office, Eurostat. This is below the EU average of 60%.

While online shopping is most popular in Great Britain, where the share of internet users who buy online stands at 82%, it is least popular in Romania, where only 11% of internet users have bought something online.

Online shopping is also very popular in Denmark, Sweden (both with 79% of internet users buying online), Germany (77%), Luxembourg (73%) and Finland (72%).

Meanwhile, Bulgarians are only slightly more inclined to shopping than Romanians (17% of internet users have made an online purchase).

Surprisingly, Estonia, a country renowned for its online culture, also lags well behind the EU average, with only 29% of internet users shopping online (the same share as in Italy).

Europeans most frequently shop online for clothes and sporting products, as well as to book accommodation. More than a third of Europeans connected to the internet have made such purchases in the past year.

Books are another popular item bought online, with around a quarter of internet users buying a book online in the past 12 months.

Slovenians display similar shopping habits online, with the exception of books, as the share of internet users who have made online book purchases in the past year stands at just 13%.


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