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Pensioner's Party Proposes Modification of Real Estate Tax Bill



DeSUS president Karl Erjavec said after the session that the party proposes an amendment under which the tax would amount to 60% of the full rate in 2014, 80% of the full rate in 2015. The full rate would be charged only as of 2016.

The gradual introduction of the full rate would be applied for all categories of real estate, Erjavec said, adding that he expects that the proposed amendment will be accepted by the other three coalition partners.

According to him, the amendment would relieve those categories of the population which would find it hardest to pay the tax.

Erjavec is convinced that DeSUS is not undermining the government, as the party is willing to endorse the 2014 supplementary budget and the 2015 draft budget.

However, the financial effect of the bill has been already calculated in the 2014 and 2015 budgets, with the government expecting to get EUR 200m in tax revenue next year.

The session was also attended by Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek, who tried to convince the coalition partner to change its mind on the unpopular tax.

The government adopted the bill last week, but DeSUS had a last-minute change of heart and insists that the tax burden on the people would be too high.

It is not clear how the government would compensate for the loss of the expected revenue should the tax be rejected in parliament.

The college of deputy group leaders meanwhile decided that the bill will be discussed in the National Assembly in a fast-track procedure, the proposal endorsed also by DeSUS deputy group head Franc Jurša.

The bill was sent to the National Assembly on 17 October, after which representatives of local communities were given 15 days to present their remarks and comments. This means that the National Assembly will be able to start discussing the bill on 4 November at the earliest.

The National Assembly needs a simple majority of deputies for the confirmation of the bill, which means that a majority of present MPs is enough for the endorsement.

Erjavec said that the parliament could confirm the real estate tax bill without DeSUS's support, but then "DeSUS will not take responsibility for that bill".


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