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Pensioner's Ended Their PR Anti real Estate Tax Campaign


Under the agreed proposal, the tax base would be 80% in 2014, 90% in 2015, while it would increase to the full value of the property in 2016.

The reduced tax base would apply only to residential real estate, for which the proposed tax rate stands at 0.15%.

DeSUS originally wanted the tax base to amount to 60% of the full value in 2014, 80% in 2015 and 100% as of 2016.

DeSUS president Karl Erjavec said after the session that the compromise solution was bad, but that the party decided to accept it in order to preserve the stability of the government.

"In the name of this stability we will secure five votes to the bad real estate tax bill," said Erjavec, who personally believes that the government could secure the funds planned to be collected with the new tax with other measures.

Erjavec said his party also managed to convince the government to reduce the tax by 50% for pensioners who receive special income allowance.

Erjavec said he will meet on Wednesday representatives of the Pensioners' Association (ZDUS), which according to him also supports the compromise solution, which is important for DeSUS.

He noted that even harder decisions are awaiting Slovenia, as the IMF has suggested that the country needs a new pension reform. "A new pension reform means a new attack on pensions, which are already too low".

The National Assembly will meet today to vote on whether to fast-track the real estate tax bill or pass it in regular procedure. Debate on the bill could start on 4 November at the earliest.


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