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Trade Union Accuses IMF of Forgetting About Workers' Rights



ZSSS president Dušan Semolič asked the head of the IMF mission to Slovenia Antonio Spilimbergo and IMF director Christine Lagarde in a letter published on Wednesday when the organisation would change its approach and also start talking about the rule of law and decent working conditions.

"Or do you simply believe that workers' rights are 'incompatible' with economic policy?" Semolič said, pointing out that the number of criminal offences on the job market increased by 241% in Slovenia in the first nine months of this year.

When speaking about pension reform after the IMF wrapped up a two-week mission to Slovenia on Monday, Spilimbergo failed to mention that the rate for employers' pension and disability contributions was lowered from 15.42% to 8,85 in the 1990s, which cost the pension purse several billions while also "failing to improve the competitiveness of Slovenian employers".

Semolič added that the IMF had publicly admitted it miscalculated the negative effects of fiscal consolidation and that the organisation was widely known for having "handed out to quite a few countries 'advice' that ended up costing these countries dearly".

The annual mission of the IMF has raised measures to fix the country's ailing banks as Slovenia's top priority. It also highlighted the need to improve corporate management, especially in state-owned companies, and to address the situation in the business sector.


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