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Green Jobs Slovenia's Development Opportunity


In a video address, European Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik said that the pressure on resources, commodities, energy biodiversity and ecosystems often went beyond sustainability levels and would increase further due to growing global population.

This is why he believes profound structural changes are needed to abandon the current model and develop one that would stimulate reuse and systematic transformation of waste back into new raw materials to be returned into production cycle in order to create a circular or green economy.

The Slovenian commissioner believes such a structural shift represents a new development opportunity with new economic activities and more environment-friendly traditional industries, while it will also enable preservation of jobs and will also be important in the combat against youth unemployment.

His view was echoed by State Secretary Andreja Jerina of the Agriculture and Environment Ministry, who told the conference that green jobs could lead to the goals of eradicating poverty, establishing peace and a life of dignity for all.

Minister of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Anja Kopač Mrak highlighted the importance of green skills and expertise as an opportunity for better employability, as well as non-specific skills that can be used everywhere, which she linked to active employment policy measures.

She said that her ministry also promoted development of green industries through promotion of social entrepreneurship. The relevant law places emphasis on green activities such as organic farming, environmental protection and promotion of renewables.

Offering his advice to Slovenia in its plan to start implementing strategy for green job, Sven Hergovich of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour recommended including social criteria in job assessment, and calculating not gross but rather net effects of green jobs on unemployment.

He also reminded Slovenia that it can create many quality jobs through investment in public transportation, heating insulation, energy efficiency and renewable sources.

The conference was organised by Slovenia's leading green group Umanotera as part of a winder project which aims at raising awareness about green jobs and connecting different players in the field.


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