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SPIRIT Slovenia: Simobil Best Foreign-owned Company in Slovenia



Simobil, a subsidiary of Telekoma Austria, was honoured in the category of large companies. The second largest mobile provider in Slovenia increased the number of users by 3.6% last year to 662,646, which represents a 30% market share. Its core services sales were up 8.7%.

Accepting the award, Simobil CEO Dejan Turk called on the government to reduce taxes so that companies could keep their employees, pay them better and so as to prevent good personnel from leaving the country.

The Swedish-owned Akers Valji Ravne manufactures steel rolls. Through operating cost adjustments, the company adapted to lower sale prices to restore sales at pre-crisis levels. It put out 5,170 rolls of 1,878 tonnes last year, increasing sales by 26.6% to EUR 17.4m and generating a profit.

General manager Miran Rebernik said the key to success was a good combination of commitment and expertise and support from the owner.

The award for best greenfield investment went to Cecomp, the metal stamping plant launched by its namesake Italian owner in Mirna Peč near Novo mesto. The EUR 7m investment is to create 35 new jobs. The company will supply primarily the local automotive industry, while also planning to export to Central and Eastern Europe.

Sales manager at the parent company Gianluca Forneris said the company found Slovenia to offer optimal conditions for their business. He described Slovenia as a very dynamic country where "things are simple".

Lek, a member of Sandoz, the generics arm of Swiss Novartis, was honoured for long-term presence in Slovenia. Preserving its share on the domestic market, the company is steadily increasing its exports, which represent nearly 90% of the output.

The company launched more than 1,300 new products worldwide last year, having become Sandoz's main development centre, focused on technologically demanding development projects. Board member Patrick Donnelly said the company continued to invest despite the difficult situation in Slovenia.

Addressing the award ceremony, director of the Tourism and Internationalisation Directorate Marjan Hribar thanked foreign investors for believing in Slovenia's potential for investment and growth.

Meanwhile, acting director of SPIRIT Boštjan Skalar noted that foreign investors were crucial not only in supplying fresh capital but also in providing new energy needed for a breakthrough.

Shortlisted for the awards were companies that are more than 10% foreign-owned, have more than 50 employees and generate more than EUR 35,000 per employee in value added. Credit rating was an additional criterion.

Last year the awards went to Boxmark Leather, Belimed, Yaskawa Slovenija and IBM Slovenija.


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