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Unexplained Mistery Arround Eurobonds Buyer


While he failed to satisfy the curiosity of those who would like to know who the buyer was, Čufer said the new round of borrowing should be seen as facilitating the country's access to financial markets in the first quarter of next year.

Yesterday, Slovenia issued a EUR 1.5bn three-year eurobond, which came as a surprise after the government said only a few days ago that it would not undertake new borrowing until early next year.

Asked by public broadcaster TV Slovenija how delaying the publication of stress test results for banks affected Slovenia's position on financial markets, Čufer said the government was doing everything in its power to minimize the uncertainty.

He believes this has been partly already done when the budget for 2014 and the real estate tax were passed in parliament on Friday.

An important signal to financial markets was also, according to Čufer, the government's winning a vote of confidence in parliament as well as the latest successful round of borrowing.

He thinks that the publication of bank stress tests, which is expected in December, would additionally reduce the level of uncertainty.


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