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Parliament Debating Motion to Oust Finance Minister


A total of 16 hours have been set aside for the debate on the motion filed by the opposition Democratic Party (SDS), which has little chance of success given firm backing for the minister within the coalition. The vote is expected after midnight.

In the first motion to oust a minister of the current government, the SDS took aim at Čufer for the decision to provide state guarantees for the orderly winding down of two small banks, Probanka and Factor banka.

The SDS is also critical of the decision to replace the party's MP as a non-executive director of Bank Asset Management Company (BAMC).

Čufer has rebuffed the opposition's accusations, arguing that the decision on an orderly wind-down of the two banks was needed to retain trust in the ailing banking system, as a collapse could have led to a bank run.

He has also maintained that the dismissal of SDS deputy Andrej Šircelj from the BAMC position was based on the view of the government legal service and the Corruption Prevention Commission that the position was incompatible with serving as an MP.


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