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Animateka Festival in Ljubljana


Animateka, a week-long international festival of animated film, takes place every year in Ljubljana's Kinodvor and Slovenska kinoteka. Beginning on the first Monday in December, it focuses primarily on the latest production of East and Central European short films. It also includes a wide range of special programs, which offer the audiences an insight into the beginnings and the development of animation, and present them with a short overview of the best contemporary animations on a worldwide scale.

The festival annually hosts many authors and authorities in animation, both domestic and international, which has made it an important crossroads of experiences, ideas and opinions.

Animateka is a competitive festival, focussing mainly on the role of the author. Each year the international jury has selected and awarded the best contributing author. Animateka has been traditionally dedicating a great portion of the festival program to specialized retrospectives (presenting stop-motion, avant-garde and experimental animated films, the relationship between animation, music and sound) and to a focus on the animated production of a selected nation (Finland, Yugoslavia, Poland, Spain, Germany).

Additionally, a special program for children will be on display, called the Elephant program. It is accompanied by animation workshops, which are admissionfree during the time of the festival.

Since 2008, Animateka has been organizing AnimaWeb, a competition of computer-made short animations viewable online and on mobile phones. The competition wants to encourage young artists to take on animation and support them, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

Ticket prices vary between EUR 3,80 and 4.95


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