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Catering from far away, still very close


At the end of Trubarjeva in Ljubljana, one of the hippest streets in Ljubljana full of small restaurants, bars and tiny shops, you will find something new: Skuhna. Behind the rather simple name lies a project, that is ambitious and social at the same time. In fact, it is a catering service, offering international food from countries Palestine, Morocco or Kenya.

But that's not what is so special about this project, it is much more than a catering service, especially for its employees. You have to know that at Skuhna all the cooks are migrants, bringing their knowledge of food from their countries of origin. And that's where the social part of the project comes into play: Since it is pretty hard for migrants to find a decent job in Slovenia, especially if they do not speak Slovene, Skuhna provides them with a possibility to use their experience with food from their home country as a profession.

The atmosphere on the day of the opening in Truberjeva 56 is very jolly: friends and family of the cooks and the volunteers came together and celebrated the opening of the home of Skuhna. Down in the open kitchen, Jaber is making falafel, a volunteer refills the bog pot with chicken masala and in the other corner, a quartet of African drummers is playing and keeping guests moving to the rhythm.

Skuhna was made possible in cooperation with the EU, Zavod Global and Zavod Voluntariat, which is coordinating voluntary work in Slovenia. And to be honest, after seeing the atmosphere at the opening, who would not like to work there for free?


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