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PM for Die Welt: "Slovenia has more than EUR 5bn on its account"


"In the eight months in which I've been running the government, we've managed in a way to quickly address the biggest problems with fire-fighting measures. The fire has obviously been put out. Now we have to develop a long-term strategy for the country," she told the paper.

Asked about her predecessor Janez Janša publicly calling for financial aid from the EU, Bratušek said that Slovenia indeed needed to consolidate public finances, but it wants to decide on its own how to do this, for example by means of a real estate tax.

"We are the ones who have to explain to Slovenians what we are going to do and why. Cuts are necessary. The gentlemen from the troika come, give instructions and then they leave. We are very well aware of what has to be done".

Bratušek explained that the government was currently selling 13 companies and a bank, adding that it is "important to find strategic partners which will continue to develop the company and have a long-term interest".

Asked what she would do if it turns out that more than the expected EUR 1.2bn will be needed to recapitalise banks, she said that the "state has more than EUR 5bn on its account, which means that will be able to cover more than EUR 1.2bn".

Bratušek hopes that stress tests will give a clear picture of the state of Slovenian banks, which will "in the next year be in the best shape, because recapitalisation will be finalised by the end of next year."


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