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Govt to Adopt Sovereign Holding Bill, Grey Economy Measures


The Sovereign Holding bill will expectedly be passed without the support of coalition Pensioners' Party (DeSUS), which wants guarantees that a part of the proceeds from privatisation of state-owned companies will go to the pension purse.

DeSUS president Karl Erjavec has told the STA that the cabinet was rushing the bill because it wanted it to be in place in January. Coalition partners have therefore agreed to continue tweaking the document in the parliamentary procedure.

One of the main open issues is the management of Pension Fund Management (KAD), which is to become a part of the holding, but remain an independent entity under the most recent draft, which also stipulates that KAD's assets could only be used for the purposes of the pension purse.

Today is moreover to be D-day for grey economy, according to Agriculture Minister Dejan Židan, who heads the government's task force fighting grey economy.

Židan has announced that the cabinet will adopt a new package of measures, among them the abolishment of hand-written receipts and new limitations to cash operations.

Unofficially, the government is also thinking about introducing a computer programme which entrepreneurs would have to incorporate in their registers by 1 January. The highly-protected programme would record all transactions but it would not be directly connected to the Tax Administration.

The government is also expected to adopt bills on prevention of unregistered work and on labour inspection.


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