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FDI Summit 2013 Conclusions: Slovenia Needs a Vision, More Courage and Optimism



Peter Kraljič, a director emeritus at consultancy McKinsey, praised the government's plan to restructure the banking system.

He expects Slovenia will improve its competitive edge after going through with reforms it should have carried out already upon entering the eurozone.

He believes Slovenia must launch its Sovereign Holding and the bad bank as soon as possible to restore its credibility.

Kraljič moreover finds that the reason for Slovenia's problems lies in the lack of political consensus and poor democratic manners of both the coalition and opposition. He believes the parties should overcome their differences and be more constructive.

Economic expert Dušan Mramor wondered why the government did not decide to recapitalise banks before learning the results of stress tests, which are expected next week.

He believes the waiting has had a negative effect on demand at home and on foreign investments.

Franjo Bobinac, the CEO of household appliances maker Gorenje, underlined that Slovenia's only competitive advantage in the future will be educated workforce that would attract new investors.


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