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US Group WWRD Takes Over Steklarna Rogaška Glassworks



Slovenia's most famous glassworks was sold to the American company by Metropolitana, a company owned by the Ljubljana Archdiocese, which took over the company temporarily in October to "stabilise the ownership situation".

Metropolitana became the owner after its previous owner, the Zvon ena holding owned by the Maribor Archdiocese, went into receivership following the collapse of the archdiocese's financial holdings.

As part of the deal, WWRD is also acquiring Rogaška's subsidiaries in the US, Slovenia and Croatia. The group believes Rogaška will be of great value to WWRD's portfolio of luxury brands.

Steklarna Rogaška is one of the best crystal producers in the world, WWRD added in a press release on Thursday.

Taking over as CEO of Steklarna Rogaška is Jim Walsh, a senior manager at WWRD, who has worked in the industry for 33 years.

The beginnings of Steklarna Rogaška date back to 1665, more than 260 years before the company was established in 1927. Steklarna Rogaška offers a wide variety of crystal, crystallines and coloured glass and employs more than 900 people all over the world.


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