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Foreign Minister and Finance Minister Confirmed as Stand-In Ministers


Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek explained her decision to the cabinet at today's regular session, but she still has to notify the National Assembly.

The National Assembly took note of the resignations of outgoing Economy Minister Stanko Stepišnik and outgoing Health Minister Tomaž Gantar last Friday, which means the prime minister has until Monday next week either to propose new ministerial candidates or nominate other cabinet members to fill the posts for up to three months.

Following Gantar's resignation, Erjavec's Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) said they would not support any new ministerial candidate, unless a reshuffle of the government and a new coalition agreement are negotiated.

Bratušek has confirmed that the coalition agreement would be amended by the end of January, so new candidates to take over the two portfolios are also expected to be presented earlier than in three months.

Gantar has announced he was returning to work in the health sector after his withdrawal from the position and Stepišnik has decided to return to the parliamentary benches as an MP of the ruling Positive Slovenia (PS) party.

The National Assembly still has to be acquainted with Stepišnik's return and the departure of Positive Slovenia (PS) stand-in deputy Peter Oder.


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