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Sovereign Holding Bill Adopted Despite Opposition of Pensioners


DeSUS also wants the management and supervision of the Pension Fund Management (KAD) to remain independent from the SSH once it is merged with the holding as envisaged in the bill.

The bill will be discussed in the National Assembly in regular procedure, while possible disagreements could be settled by means of amendments to the bill, BoĊĦtjan Lajovic of the Government Communication Office told the press.

The bill, which will be presented in detail by the Finance Ministry on Friday, envisages the transformation of the Slovenia's Restitution Fund (SOD) into the Sovereign Holding, a super-custodian of all state-owned companies.

KAD would remain an independent entity, but it would be fully owned by the SSH, which would also manage it. KAD's assets would be used solely for pensions, and its profit would not be distributed among the shareholders.

Moreover, KAD will obliged to make a special annual contribution of EUR 50m to the pension purse.


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