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Amnesty International Slovenia Celebrating 25th Anniversary


There 16-year old Suzana Dewa formed the Slovenian branch of this global NGO on 10 December 1988. What is now Slovenia's biggest human rights NGO counting 8,200 members started as the first Amnesty International group in the former Yugoslavia.

The NGO will mark its jubilee with a number of events, including concerts in Ljubljana and Kranj, whereas the Kranj PreŇ°eren Theatre ensemble played "25,671", a play dedicated to thousands of former Yugoslav citizens who were erased from Slovenia's permanent residence registry in 1992, already last evening.

AI Slovenije has also launched a campaign dubbed "Cake for Amnesty", inviting people to bake a birthday cake for Amnesty and sign its current petition.

Moreover, the NGO is hosting a series of lectures on human rights alongside three universities, and again taking part in Amnesty International's global letter writing marathon.

The annual marathon takes place around Human Rights Day seeing AI representatives writing appeals for some 10 people or groups whose human rights have been violated.

The Slovenian branch is a part of Amnesty International. Since its beginnings in 1961 the global movement has attracted 4.6 million members and supporters from 150 countries. In 1977, AI earned itself a Nobel Peace Prize.


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