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Ptujska Klet Named Best Slovenian Wine Cellar


"Following a thorough technological renovation, one of the most important parts was definitely the investment in the corporate identity of the filling - the Pullus brand, which together with its trendy content constantly proves its worth both among experts and on the market," he stressed.

The Ptuj wine cellar, which is owned by poultry maker Perutnina Ptuj, produced just over a million litres of wine this year, which is a little less than last year, however, winegrowers were struck by unfavourable weather conditions this year, with a long winter, hot summer and rain during the harvest.

Nevertheless, the cellar's chief oenologist Bojan Kobal said the wine was a good year and once again brought out the fresh character of the Štajersko region after two years with a more Mediterranean character.

The company finished the last two years with a minimum profit and a similar result is planned for this year. Last year, it posted EUR 3.5m in sales revenues, but they did not wish to forecast this year's result as the most important month is still ahead of them.

The wine maker's most important foreign market is the US, while it also sells a lot of wine in Germany and the Netherlands, where it is increasing its presence in wine-selling chains and specialised stores.

Moreover, the company is eyeing more distant markets like Mexico and China, but it is also interested in increasing its sales on the markets of former Yugoslavia, particularly Croatia after it joined the EU in July.


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