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D Day for Slovenia: Results of Stress Tests to be Released


The results have already been examined by the central bank and will be presented to the government in the morning. Banka Slovenije Governor Boštjan Jazbec and Finance Minister Uroš Čufer are expected to address the press around midday.

The central bank also plans to release an exhaustive report, presumably including a detailed methodology of the tests, which ought to be of interest for the EU as the tests are seen as a dry run for the eurozone-wide stress tests planned for next year.

The results will be followed by recapitalisation, which will be carried out by the state at least for the top three banks, and the transfer of non-performing loans to the Bank Assets Management Company.

The government has set aside EUR 4.7bn for recapitalisation, but the cost to taxpayers may be lower as a part of the bailout cost will be borne by junior bondholders.


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