The Slovenia Times

Energy Consumption in Slovenia Slightly Up in 2013


The record adopted on Thursday moreover shows that 49.6% of energy consumed in Slovenia in 2013 has been produced from oil derivatives. It is followed by electric energy (22.5%), natural gas (12%), renewables (10.6%), heat (3.6%), solid fuels (1.1%) and industrial waste (0.6%).

The amount of electricity consumed in 2013 increased by 3% over last year, while natural gas use is to go down 2.7%. The use of liquefied petroleum gas went up 4.1%, while the use of oil derivatives and biofuels is to be 4.6% higher.

The share of renewable energy is to reach 19.4% this year, while sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions will be 0.3% lower than in 2012. The emissions of carbon dioxide are to go up 0.1%.

Slovenia's energy dependency in 2013 is at 51.3%.


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