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Slovenia at Bottom of EU Rankings in Terms of Inward FDI


Slovenia's outward FDI remained almost unchanged during the period.

The highest share of foreign direct investment in Slovenia came from EU members and Switzerland, while domestic investors mostly decided to invest in other countries on the territory of former Yugoslavia, according to the office's globalisation report.

The report found the country "significantly" integrated with the international environment via traditional international trade.

In terms of the relative size of exports and imports of goods and services in the GDP, Slovenia ranked 9th among EU members in 2007 but slipped to 12th place by 2012.

According to the Statistics Office, Slovenia's exports and imports are mostly oriented towards European markets. In 2012 EU member states accounted for 69% of exports and 67% of imports.

Only about 4% of active companies in Slovenia were foreign-owned in the period between 2007 and 2011. They were however economically more important that domestic companies as their share in total employment amounted to about 14%, the Statistics Office said.

In the same period, Slovenian companies were majority owners of between 1,500 and 1,800 companies abroad, which together employed over 55,000 individuals. Most of these enterprises (about 70%) were located in other countries of the former Yugoslavia.

"From the presented data we can see that Slovenia is among less globalised countries. The data on international trade and particularly foreign direct investment show that Slovenia's globalisation is governed by traditional international trade and regional integration," the report concludes.


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