The Slovenia Times

President Pahor: Crisis Must Never Again Get Slovenia to Its Knees


However, Pahor stressed that Slovenians must not be overly satisfied with the recovery too soon, as it will not suffice for the modernisation of society and country.

"We need very demanding structural changes, particularly in health care and higher education. And we know from our experience that they can only be reached if we are ready to cooperate," the president added.

According to Pahor, Slovenians should promise one another on New Year's eve that they will not repeat their mistakes, as they have learned from the consequences.

"Never again should we delay the necessary decisions until it is too late because of short-term political benefits, comfort or even cowardice. Never again should an indecently high price for absence of leadership be paid by so many of our people," he pointed out.

Furthermore, Pahor called for mutual respect and cooperation. "Together we can achieve the unimaginable. Let us set the milestones of a better and more just world also for our children and grand children," he wrote.


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