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Govt Proposing Food Supply Chain Ombudsman


Agriculture and Environment Minister Dejan Židan pointed to last summer's scandal involving Italy-bought fruit and vegetables sold as home-grown on markets in Slovenia, saying that "the system of amphibians will no longer be possible".

The same person will no longer be able to double as a farmer and a sole proprietor, craftsman or any other type of legal entity, as this has been preventing the state from monitoring the sale of farm products.

Also of help will be the food supply chain ombudsman, who will be appointed for a period of five years. The new office, which will not be the ombudsman's full-time job, will monitor actions by all stakeholders and notify authorities, including the competition watchdog, of any irregularities.

Another measure meant to protect the food supply chain is the shorter payment deadline for perishable foods. The deadline will gradually become shorter, starting with 75 days as of September this year and ending with 45 as of 2016.


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