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New Road Boost to Slovenian-Hungarian Relations


The road section will bring the Hungarian and Slovenian communities closer together and symbolically confirms Hungary's readiness to help the minority, said Bratušek.

Slovenia "expects that Hungary will continue to honour its commitments...and support the minority's efforts to develop and strengthen Slovenian identity, in particular the language."

Orban thanked Bratušek for how Slovenia is taking care of its minority and said cooperation along the border was good.

The road section between Felsoszolnok and Ketvolgy, over six years in the making, will shorten the travel distance between the two villages to 5 from 24 kilometres.

It is also expected to boost tourism in the region by improving links to Slovenia and Austria.

Bratušek and Orban also held a brief working meeting on the occasion and signed a memorandum of understanding on the development of road infrastructure.

The two countries expect to construct six new cross-border road links in addition to the eight in existence.


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