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Coalition Wants Bad Bank Loans Data to Become Public


The ruling Positive Slovenia (PS), Social Democrats (SD), Citizens' List (DL) and Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) filed amendments to the freedom of information act that was passed at first reading in November.

The parties want to make public the information on the type of loan and its amount, the name of the loan taker and the date on which the loan contract was signed, as well as the body that approved the loan and the names of its members.

Under the changes, BAMC would also have to reveal the names of bank management board members and its supervisors from when individual loans were approved, as well as data on loan insurance and gross value of the transaction on the day the bad loan was transferred onto BAMC.

BAMC would not have to reveal information that would violate personal data protection provisions and data that harm the completion of existing procedures. However, these could be revealed for public officials and public sector employees.

If adopted, the legislative changes will force BAMC to reveal the relevant data three months after the changes take effect. The coalition deputy groups filed the amendments in order to boost transparency of bank restructuring.


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