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Underground adventure in Postojna cave


With a touch of adrenaline and a true underground adventure it is intended for closed groups and is particularly suitable for those who aim to work on mutual help, encouraging team work and getting to know their own capabilities. At the same time it makes adventure participants familiar with the compelling story of this underground world, mainly in relation to the first steps ever taken inside Postojna Cave.

"There's a new world here, a paradise!" (Luka Čeč, 1818)

In 1818, Luka Čeč discovered the previously unexplored part of Postojna Cave. The dark passages and unfamiliar mysterious trails made it difficult for him to explore and the circumstances back in the day called for an ingenious spirit, which will come in handy to the participants of the present-day adventure too.

Several types of adventures are available, differing in terms of their difficulty levels and duration (2-4 hrs). The programme can be adapted to the wishes and capabilities of individual groups.

Participants are divided into several small groups and provided with all of the necessary equipment: caving footwear, suits and helmets, as well as a flashlight for a proper adventure through three subterranean caves of the Postojna Cave system.

A pleasant way to round off the day is at the Jamski Dvorec Mansion or the Proteus Restaurant, where you can enjoy a medieval feast or the contemporary flavours of top-notch culinary delights.

You can be sure this will be an experience you will never forget.

You will be accompanied by our experienced guides, who will make sure the whole adventure is a smooth and safe experience. During the adventure they will keep everyone in high spirits and provide all of the necessary information and explanations about the Karst marvel that has been enticing visitors from all over the world for centuries.

The programme can be adapted to the wishes and capabilities of individual groups.


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