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Businesses Want to Preserve Shanghai Consulate



According to Škrlj, who consults Slovenian companies trying to penetrate the Chinese market, this will become even more of an issue in the future, since the employee in charge of the visas will leave Shanghai at the end of March.

There is a variety of opportunities for new deals with the Asian superpower in fields as diverse as tourism and infrastructure investments, Škrlj said at a press conference by the northern Primorsko GZS.

According to him, the Chinese are very impressed at the picturesque Slovenian landscape and are keen to visit the country to negotiate business but often get discouraged during the several month process of obtaining a visa.

"Anything can happen in China, that is what it is known for, but it is up to us to make it happen, not them," Škrlj concluded his appeal not to shut down the consulate.

The public appeal to the government comes after recent plans have been announced to close the consulate in Shanghai due to austerity measures.


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