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Technology Hub to Be Launched in Koper



One of initiators, owner of Seaway boat maker Japec Jakopin, said the centre would provide an environment "where knowledge, talent and money will feel good".

Also looking forward to the centre, which is set to be established in the coming months, is the Association of Users and Supporters of SIT, members of which have been cooperating on a number of projects.

The association members, including Jakopin, see the centre as a chance to pool their resources and take advantage of Koper's location.

The coastal region can offer an environment "where brain - domestic and foreign - and investment money - domestic and foreign - will feel good," said Jakopin.

He said that a dozen companies were interested to participate and "are willing to create jobs and open research departments here". Jakopin did however not give any names.

University chancellor Dragan Marušič, Luka Koper CEO Gašpar Gašpar Mišič and Mayor Boris Popovič all see the centre as a great opportunity.


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