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GZS: Companies Willing to Support Diplomatic Service Financially



GZS boss Samo Hribar Milič was critical, telling the press that each year less money was being invested in the promotion of Slovenia's exports.

The country should step up the promotion of its economy, including tourism, and reinforce its diplomatic network. He pointed out that the government cut the funds for the diplomatic service from EUR 80m to EUR 60m.

Aleš Cantarutti, the head of GZS's Centre for International Operations, was critical of the government's decision to close the consulate in Tehran.

He said that companies were willing to help financially so that the government could consolidate Slovenia's diplomatic service.

Cantarutti believes there are still many opportunities for Slovenian companies in the EU's technology market and that companies can find business opportunities in the BRIC countries, southeast Europe and Africa.

"We also need funds to promote Made in Slovenia," Hribar Milič underlined, adding that companies were forced to sell high-quality products at a lower price because Slovenia did not have an established brand.

"If we manage to increase exports, this will increase Slovenia's economic growth to 3% or 3.5%," he said.

Slovenia exported EUR 27bn worth of goods, which accounts for around a third of GDP, according to Hribar Milič.


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