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EUR 22M for International Missions in 2014


The Interior Ministry has earmarked EUR 529,000 for international missions, while the Defence Ministry is to spend EUR 249,999 for civilian efforts in international missions and EUR 21.575m for the military campaigns, the government Communications Office said.

Slovenian police force and the military have been taking part in peacekeeping and other missions since 1997.

Currently, Slovenian troops are taking part in several missions led by NATO, the EU and the UN. By far the most, 308 soldiers are stationed in Kosovo. Slovenian troops are currently also in Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia, Serbia, Macedonia and Mali.

Slovenian police officers are stationed in Kosovo and in the Palestinian territory.

Civilian experts are taking part in the EULEX mission in Kosovo and in OSCE missions in Albania and Tajikistan.


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