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Urban sports culture united under one roof


Max is dropping in. The two wheels on his BMX-bike are spinning faster and faster as he is riding down the roll-in towards the flybox. He leaves the kicker, jumps and his hands leave the handlebar of his bike for a Tuck No Hander. For a second or two, Max is flying, just to land afterwards safely again on the wooden ground.

If you did not understand everything in the upper paragraph, do not worry! Welcome to one of two indoor skate parks in Ljubljana, Urban Roof. For people who are not into BMX riding, skateboarding or rollerblading, the conversations between the (mostly) young visitors are hard to understand. Or do you know what a Bigspin, a Smith grind or a Double Heelwhip is?

Freestyle sports like the ones you can do in the skatepark are getting more popular in the city. Kids from the age of six or seven are already starting to ride skateboards or - especially in the last two years - kick scooters. While the number of people visiting skate parks is steadily growing, Ljubljana only offers one outdoor skate park. Nevertheless, the recently opened Nova Gorica skate park is definitely a step in the right direction, helping to get these sports more recognition.

Back to our indoor place in Ljubljana: Besides the skate park, Urban Roof is offering also the home for climbing/bouldering and dancing. People are coming there to do urban sports, or to chill with friends. Or just to play a good round of table football.


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