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After Ice Water Endangering Parts of Slovenia


Power engineers have managed to almost fully restore electricity supply in the north-western region of Gorenjsko and in part of eastern Slovenia covered by power distributor Elektro Celje on Sunday.

On the other hand, power supply remains the most severely disrupted in Notranjsko, the region south of Ljubljana which was hit hardest by the ice-storm.

The towns of Postojna, Logatec and Cerknica are resorting to power generators to help restore a sense of normalcy.

According to the Civil Protection and Disaster Relief Agency, some 1,100 generators are being used around the country, but more would be needed.

Social services, charities and volunteers are trying to help locals in various ways, including by providing warm means and entertainment for children, as well as by trying to organise a public laundry and showers.

In Postojna, some 400 packages of food were distributed yesterday.

A free public laundry in the town that has been without electricity for ten days is expected to be organised in a few days, Gašper Rupnik of the Postojna crisis centre told the STA.

Some 5,200 disaster relief staff were yesterday working on the ground to remove the fallen trees from river beds to at least partly prevent flooding, according to the Civil Protection and Disaster Relief Agency.

Water has meanwhile flooded some basements in Cerknica and Logatec as well as in the village of Bač near the town of Ilirska Bistrica (SW).

Tidal waves were forecast for Sunday morning.


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