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Slovenia to Get New Audiovisual Centre



"This piece of legislation is turning the existing relations upside-down in order to help Slovenian film back on its feet," said Grilc.

The new Audiovisual Centre will become Slovenia's main institution in film-making and will oversee the whole cinematographic chain, he added. Currently, the Slovenian Film Centre is in charge of film funding in Slovenia.

What is more, the Audiovisual Centre will take over Viba film, Slovenia's biggest film studio located in Ljubljana. The centre will moreover improve transparency in Slovenia's film policy, the minister believes.

The new legislation also widens funding conditions. So far funding was granted based on cultural and aesthetic elements, whereas the new bill will allow automatic funding for projects by producers whose previous work had attracted broad viewership.

Ženja Leiler Kos, the head of Media Directorate, also said that the bill entails support for foreign producers who decide to film in Slovenia.

The proposed legislation would also introduce non-budget funding, which will be provided by television programme makers, cinemas, distributors and TV providers.

Grilc said that he expected the legislation could be implemented at the beginning of 2015.

Film director Miha Hočevar, who represents a group of Slovenian directors which has been calling for changes in film policy in the coutry, welcomed the document. He added, however, that Slovenian film-makers were exhausted and wondered how they would get by until the bill took effect.


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