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Trashy symphony in Kino Šiška


The idea is not new: an ensemble playing on various stuff that eventually could be classified as garbage (metal barrels, long springs, car tyres), producing stirring rhythms and beats. Hailing from the UK the group STOMP! has been the first one to introduce this kind of show with many others following their example like the Swiss band Bubble Beatz.

Although all these bands are based on the same philosophy they focus on different aspects in their performances: show, complicated arrangements or pushing beats. Slovenia's The Stroj, who played Kino Šiška on Thursday evening, clearly put emphasis on the show aspect of their performance. But their gig did not lack good ideas concerning the use of different mechanical and electronic instruments, including also a theremin, which is one of the oldest electronic instruments.

And the audience did dig their show for sure, two encores speak for themselves. To sum up the whole thing in a nutshell, this evening was short and loud one, packed with epic-sounding beats and an ensemble which had apperently a lot of fun.


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