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New Average Wages Continue to Fall



The average gross wage in 2013 stood at EUR 1,523.39 and was down 1.9% in real terms and down 0.1% in nominal terms.

The highest net wage of EUR 1,083.75 was recorded in Slovenia's central statistical region, while the lowest was registered in the Notranjsko-Kraška region (EUR 895.93).

The biggest annual increases were recorded in manufacturing (+3%) and energy supply (+2.8%). The latter also recorded the highest average net wage - EUR 1,410.03.

The biggest annual decrease was meanwhile recorded in education (-2%) while the lowest average net wage - EUR 692.56 - was registered in administrative and support service activities, according to statisticians.

In the public sector, the average monthly net wage stood at EUR 1,132.62 while the private sector monthly average was EUR 922.97. On the annual level, the average public sector wage dropped 0.2% but was up 1.1% in the private sector.

The average monthly net wage in December stood at EUR 1,007.63, down 3.6% compared November and up 0.7% year-on-year. The average gross wage meanwhile reached EUR 1,547.31, down 4.5% on a monthly level and up 0.8% year-on-year, the Statistics Office said.


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