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Govt Approval Rating Slightly Up



The SDS scored 7.8% in the poll released on Monday while the SD got 6.5%, DeSUS 4.3% and senior coalition Positive Slovenia (PS) got 3.8%.

Opposition New Slovenia (NSi) got 1.3% and the People's Party (SLS) scored 1.2%. The coalition Citizen's List (DL) meanwhile received only 0.6%.

Respondents were asked about the new rules on access to Yugoslav-era archives, with over 70% saying archives should be opened. Just under 20% said access to archives should be restricted and almost 9% did not have an opinion. If a referendum was called on the topic, 44.8% would vote against the new law and 33.6% for. Over two fifths were undecided.

FUDÅ  also asked respondents whether the Finnish acquittal in the Patria case means that those found guilty in the Slovenian leg of the corruption trial were also innocent. Over two thirds said the Finnish ruling did not directly translate into their innocence. About 17% did not answer the question and 16.5% said the Finnish ruling meant innocence.

Respondents were also asked about the impact of immigration on the Slovenian economy. Most - over 42% - neither agreed or disagreed that immigrants were beneficial for the Slovenian economy. Just under 30% disagreed that immigrants were taking jobs while over 21% agreed with the statement.

The survey included 910 individuals and was conducted between 10 and 14 February.


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