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Leftist Groups Form United Left to Join Forces in EU Election



The United Left will comprise the Democratic Labour Party (DSD) and the Sustainable Development Party (TRS), which entered the general election in 2011, as well as the Initiative for Democratic Socialism, a recently established group that traces its roots to the anti-establishment protests in 2012 and 2013.

The parties share the wish to offer a socialist model of Europe as an alternative to neoliberalism. They label themselves as explicitly eurosceptic and are promoting either a thorough reform of the EU or leaving the union.

Luka Mesec, one of the co-chairs of the Initiative for Democratic Socialism, has announced they would push for an end to austerity, a solution to the debt crisis, an economic reconstruction of Europe, democratisation of EU institutions and green policies.

TRS head Matjaž Hanžek, a former Slovenian human rights ombudsman (2001-2007), has called for a new development model and said the United Left would operate under the wing of the Party of the European Left (PEL).

PEL vice-president and the leader of the biggest Greek opposition party Siriza Alexis Tsipras will therefore also attend the congress.

While this has not yet been confirmed, Hanžek said that the United Left could also enter the local and general elections in this formation.


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