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Ukraine Crisis Could Affect Slovenian Export


"It is almost impossible to close deals in this situation and this is a big problem for those who are in the middle of talks. Those, who already do business with Ukraine and have established channels, face great uncertainty," said Cantarutti.

According to him, companies also face logistical problems. He believes that Slovenia could lose an entire year of trade with Ukraine, which is one of its top 20 trade partners.

"The biggest problem is that there is no public procurement, because the state does not function. There will be no infrastructure investments, which involve many Slovenian companies."

He also pointed to the 2015 EuroBasket, which is to be hosted by Ukraine, adding that a consortium of companies that took part in 2013 Eurobasket in Slovenia, offered their services to Ukraine - but the talks are in a standstill.

The GZS expressed the wish to see a compromise reached in Ukraine, as the situation would become even more unpredictable in the case of an armed clash.

"Even if the situation calms down this moment, it will take a long time before the authorities restore security and politics and only then it will be possible to launch a reorganisation of the economy, which is needed because Ukraine is practically out of money."


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