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Frank Turner and Company had a blast in Kino Šiška


Life is sometimes not so easy in Ljubljana, especially for fans of international music and "more-known" artists, since most of them do not play their gigs in Slovenia's capital. So many Slovenians have to take the journey to Zagreb or Vienna to see their beloved singers and musicians live.

Coming all the way from the UK, folk-punk poet Frank Turner was an exception and even for the fact that he came to Slovenia, he already had the audience on his side when playing Kino Šiška last Friday. And he even brought some more artists supporting his show: Ducking Punches and Andrew Jackson Jihad.

But let's start it from the beginning. When the first band of the evening, namely Ducking Punches played their gig, the big hall of Kino Šiška was not crowded yet. But to be exact, it has to be said that Ducking Punches only consisted of one man this night - and still delivered a some good songs in this typical british singer/songwriter style. A guitar, somebody who can play it and maybe sing a little: what else do you need?

As the venue started to fill, the next band took the stage, Andrew Jackson Jihad. I still do not really get, why they choose their name, but I can definitely tell, that their tunes are a lot of fun, especially played live. With an enthusiastic front man (sometimes maybe even too enthusiastic), they presented their in a way, that made the audience even laugh from time time. Concerning the lyrics, this was for sure the highlight of the evening.

After a short break, Kino Šiška's big hall was full and Frank Turner entered the stage with his band The Sleeping Souls. And after one, or maybe two songs, you could already feel that this man knows how to deal with an audience. Talking Slovene, getting active onstage and joking with his band collegues, you could clearly see that Frank Turner and his fellow musicians were enjoying themselves. And of course, the crowd did as well. 

Switching between soft folk songs and rock'n'roll tunes, the concert was a constant up and down of feelings. After performing an entire song in Slovene and inviting a fan onstage to play a harmonica solo with him, the gig reached its peak with the encore, leaving a happy and cheerful audience behind. 

Regarding that the bands and the audience really had a blast, this was a successful evening for sure!


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