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Potočnik: I Would Consider Third Term as Commissioner



Besides, there are other things worth doing in life, Commissioner Potočnik, who announced on Wednesday that he would not run for MEP, said.

He moreover told the STA that he had no information what the government's decision regarding his seat in the commission would be.

Touching on possible advantages of his third term for Slovenia, Potočnik said that the general opinion was that experienced politicians would get tougher tasks.

"You cannot gain trust and respect just by being appointed. Years of hard and honest work are required. This whole time, I've tried to work in a way that would not let anybody from Slovenia be ashamed to name me as the country's commissioner."

He has no interest in becoming a MEP, despite respecting the institution, Potočnik explained his decision not to join the race for a seat in the European Parliament.

"I believe the position of MEP to be very important and I believe that it is very important that Slovenia has good MEPs," he added.

Touching on his call for Slovenian liberals to join forces in the European election, Potočnik stressed that he understood liberalism in its relation to personal freedom and its relation to fellow humans. "These are the things we stand by. I always have and always will champion solidarity."

In regards to economy, liberals' hands are mostly tied. "In tackling the crisis certain measures have to be implemented regardless of one's political affiliation," he added.

Potočnik sees the EU's recent report about Slovenia's excessive macroeconomic imbalances as acknowledging the tough situation in the country.

"The government has to deal with an extremely harsh situation, which is highlighted in the report. It doesn't mean that the government didn't implemented some important measures in the past year. It was clearly stated in the report. Basically, the report acknowledges the fact that Slovenia still has a lot to do and the Commission wants to encourage these processes in Slovenia."


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