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SDS Presents Alternative Government Programme


According to Janša, the alternative government programme of the SDS is based on economic growth, justice and new jobs in the business sector. Justice is one of the main conditions for normal co-existence in a community, he added.

"In order to create new jobs, an environment in which good work is rewarded and poor work is rejected, an environment in which self-initiative, innovativeness and good management should be maintained, created and promote," Janša said.

According to the SDS, the programme dubbed "For economic growth, justice and new jobs" is based on the political programme adopted at the latest party congress and on the action programme of the European People's Party (EPP) adopted at the recent congress in Dublin.

The expert committees of the SDS, which acts as a shadow cabinet, also prepared an assessment of the current situation in Slovenia, but Janša said that this is not among the topics of today's presentation.

"The only thing that we want to say about the current situation is that since May last year Slovenia has had a government which has all the instruments to fight the crisis for the first time in the nation's history," said the SDS president.

He was referring to the fiscal rule of zero deficits, which was entered into the Constitution also with votes of SDS deputies. The rule obliges the government to start balancing all budgets and public funds immediately, Janša said.

Also in May 2013, the National Assembly passed changes to the Constitution preventing blockage of anti-crisis fiscal measures with referendums. No government before the current one had this instrument, Janša argued.

"Just remember the blockades we faced in 2012 with the undermining of practically all crisis measures which were being adopted by the then government," said Janša, referring to the short-lived cabinet formed after the snap elections in December 2011.

MP Andrej Vizjak, who heads the SDS's economic development and technology committee, said that high taxes hampered the economic activity, adding that the programme's measures are focused on relieving the tax burden on companies. The state should also withdraw from company ownership, he believes.

SDS finance committee head, MP Andrej Šircelj, stressed that the party would implement the fiscal rule and that it's commitment for the 201 elections is that taxes will not be raised and that the controversial real estate tax will be abolished.

In the field of health care, the SDS wants that the financially sustainable basket of health care rights is precisely determined.

MP Vinko Gorenak, who head the party's justice committee, singled out reduction of court backlogs and increasing efficiency in the seizure of illegally gained assets among the proposed measures.

The culture committee meanwhile proposes a "balancing out of the media space", which is why the SDS will encourage privatisation of media and modernisation of the public broadcaster TRV Slovenija, according to MP Alenka Jeraj.


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