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Govt Confirms Single Tax Rate for All Residential Property


The government Communication Office said after cabinet session that the introduction of a single tax rate for residential property will bring in EUR 20m less than planned this year, when tax base is set at 80% of general property value.

The change will reduce real estate tax revenue by EUR 22m next year, when tax base will be set at 90% of property value. The figure will increase to EUR 24m the year later when tax base will reach full property value.

The changes will be fast-tracked through the National Assembly. The government said today that the changes will strike out the differentiation between residential and non-residential property, such as a second home, which caused the most criticism.

The regulation triggered many people to start changing their place of residence and change their ownership status, the government said.

The extension of the deadline for citizens also changes the date by which the Surveying and Mapping Authority must send the data to the Tax Administration to 26 May, and the date by which the Tax Administration will have to issue tax orders to 15 July.


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