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Information Commissioner: Transparency Can Be "Painful"


"If you get to a point in society where ethics are too low and you cannot achieve that responsible people with appropriate education be appointed to do the top jobs in must try and do something to limit the greed of those near the gravy train through legislation."

The lawmakers made a number of compromises due to pressure from the state-owned companies, she said. One of them being the fact that companies will only have to reveal tangible assets.

She said that she had heard allegations that consultancy fees were paid under the pressure from politicians, who wanted to get state-owned companies to cover the expenses of their parties.

Touching on the transferral of non-performing loans onto Slovenia's bad bank, Pirc Musar said that she "had never been this confused in my entire life....Somebody please explain why some loans with credit marks D and E stayed in the banks, while loans with better marks were transferred onto the bad bank!"

Touching on the appointment of new heads of the Corruption Prevention Commission, which has raised a lot of dust over the past two weeks, Pirc Musar said that legislation in the field was too vague.

"To work in an environment where the person under investigation has no rights is very hard and in the end you are accused...of being the Office of Ethics. Therefore I did not vie" for watchdog head.

She believes that credible people will not want to work for the corruption watchdog until legislation is changed. She was moreover critical of President Borut Pahor for appointing controversial former Positive Slovenia (PS) member Boris Štefanec commission head.

"Must everything be written down in a law," she wondered, referring to president's explanation that party membership is not mentioned in the law regulating the appointments of commission heads.

"He had the opportunity not to sign [the appointment] but did not use it....I expect from the president to be able to make his own decisions from time to time."


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