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Subsidies for Renewables Up a Third to EUR 118.5M



Overall output from such sources went up by 23% to 803 gigawatt hours (GWh). The volume of electricity from the scheme represents about 7% of the annual consumption in Slovenia.

Solar installations received EUR 59.2m for 219.5 GWh of electricity, while another EUR 24.1m went to co-generation plants powered by fossil fuels (229.8 GWh) and EUR 16.3m went to biogas plants (132.2 GWh).

The latter saw the biggest slump, with their share in subsidies decreasing to 14% after exceeding 20% in 2012, data from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning shows.

The rest of subsidies were distributed among biomass plants (EUR 11m for 87 GWh), small hydro plants (EUR 7.5m for 131.4 GWh) and other installations.

A 2.3 MW wind turbine, the only significant source of wind energy in the country, was included in the scheme last year and received EUR 100,000 for the production of 2 GWh of electricity.

A total of 3,575 installations with the combined power of 497 MW were included in the scheme at the end of last year, representing 14% of the country's capacity.

The average amount of subsidy per unit generated increased by 7.5% from 2012 to EUR 147.61 per MWh.


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