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In addition to the wide range of nursing and medical programs, therapeutic massages and saunas, the offers of Slovenian spas and health resorts show many features.

The variety comes due to the various climatic characteristics - they are in fact located across almost all different parts of Slovenia, from the coast, over the hills of Dolenjska and Posavje, the river valleys of Savinja and Sotla to the region of Pomurje and the Pannonian Plain.

The development and establishment of Slovenian natural spas and health resorts is struck by the wealth of the unspoilt nature of our country. The most important of these are the thermal waters with different properties and temperatures (24C-73C) and mineral waters (the worldfamous mineral water Donat Mg and Radenska), and also sea water and salt water (Aqua madre), salt pan mud, peloids organic and inorganic origin and the microclimate of the coastal region, the Pannonian lowlands, as well as the foothills and the central mountains. 

Spa and medical spa activities in Slovenian natural spas include both preventive health as well as rehabilitation treatments with additional use of natural remedies. The basis of spa activities forms the recognised healing powers of natural remedies in relation to individual disease states.

The technical basis of spa treatment is balneology (Greek balneo = bathing, logos = science), one of the oldest interdisciplinary medical sciences. The spa physicians must also have, despite specialisation in their own fields, particular expertise in the field of balneology. The use of natural remedies has enabled the resorts a medical specialisation for individual diseases, damage and disability. In the spas, the treatments are performed with the help of different natural resources, drinking cures, mineral and thermal baths, mud baths, salt water and carbonic acid baths and medicinal herbal therapies.

Slovenia's natural health resorts have developed in places with mineral and thermal springs over the last hundred years to the locations where modern rehabilitation of patients after surgery and patients with chronic diseases and conditions are offered. In addition to the use of natural healing factors, there is also medical rehabilitation; work therapy and physiotherapy available to patients. Qualified professionals from various disciplines supervise the rehabilitation. There are, in some centres, also the option to perform advanced diagnostic tests.

Medical rehabilitation in Slovenian natural spas is based on a holistic approach and the goal of treatment is for the fastest possible integration of the patient, after serious illnesses or operations, back into active life or alleviating the symptoms of patients with chronic diseases/illnesses.

People discovered the secrets of wellbeing in Slovenian thermal springs long ago. The rich thermal spa culture in Slovenia has been evidenced in excavations from the time of the Roman Empire, written documents estimate the use of thermal water dating as far back as 1147. Slovenia lies at the junction of the transit routes, north-south and eastwest and thus has always been part of the culture of the Old Continent.

Source of Life Energy

Slovenian natural spas are well equipped spa and recreational centres where you can swim, run, walk, practice with various equipment, play golf and tennis, enjoy bowling, horseback riding, skiing, cycling and learn to live in a healthy way. Slovenia's natural health resorts are based on a harmonious relationship between wisdom, experience, nature, characteristics of the land and the typical hospitality.

As a result of this, each guest can find in this mosaic of health and wellbeing exactly what they want and need.

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