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State Owned NLB Bank Without Staffing "Compass"



The work on transparency and integrity is "entering a new cycle" and requires "broader experience and focus on change" that the bank says Praprotnik has "excellent references" for.

The bank had come under fire for hiring an outsider even as it prepares to lay off about 700 employees, but it said not a single candidate stepped forward in an internal job listing.

A total of 13 candidates responded to a public call for applications and the vetting commission unanimously decided to pick Praprotnik "based on a professionally and transparently managed assessment of competences."

The bank's management said Praprotnik would "additionally strengthen the bank's efforts in...managing the risk of occurrence of unlawful and damaging acts, and strengthening integrity and compliance".

Praprotnik's appointment was heavily criticised for its perceived conflict of interest, as the anti-graft commission had investigated suspected corruption at banks.

The opposition in particular voiced strong criticism.

"Eureka! Now it is clear why [the Commission] found no major case of corruption at NLB despite the disappearance of billions," opposition leader Janez Janša tweeted two days ago.

Additionally, while Praprotnik is supposed to move to NLB as of 1 April, it is unclear whether he can leave his job at the Commission so soon.

His appointed successors stepped down in the aftermath of the controversial appointment of Boris Štefanec as the new anti-graft tzar, and Commission bylaws say deputies need to stay on until their successors are appointed.

This is a position held by President Borut Pahor, who appoints the Commission leadership, as well as several jurists.


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