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Tensions in Govt Running High


Unofficial information from parliament suggest at least three PS deputies could vote in favour of the motion to oust Interior Minister Virant, who has come under heavy fire from both sides of the isle for procuring dozens of cheap tickets from flag carrier Adria Airways in recent years.

Alternately, there has been talk that the party might abstain, which would not unseat Virant since the opposition would not muster the requisite majority but would send a strong message to coalition partners.

Nevertheless, DL deputy group leader Rihard Braniselj suggested that even abstention by PS deputies would be "an interesting moment with massive consequences".

PS deputy group leader Jani Möderndorfer told reporters in parliament today that there was "no fear" of the motion succeeding. However, he said the party would wait until Thursday before it decides how its MPs should vote.

Matjaž Han, deputy group leader for the Social Democrats (SD), said his party would definitely vote against the ouster motion. He also warned other coalition partners not to engage in brinkmanship since the situation in the country is "too serious".

The government has decided to seek a VAT increase after the Constitutional Court repealed the real estate tax, which was expected to bring in about EUR 180m in budget revenue this year.

The DL has been a staunch opponent of new taxes and Virant suggested yesterday the coalition agreement would have to be changed since it stipulates that the government would neither introduce new taxes nor raise existing taxes.


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